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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

how data rendered from performance warehouse to Dyntrace Client. Is there any algorithm or logic used to show data in dashboard



Hey Jojo,

Could you expand a little bit on what information you are looking for?

The PW is a database so any information needed is queried by the DT server and then the client pulls it.

More information on the PW can be found here:



Just about the only thing that is written to the Performance Warehouse are the measures in each system profile, plus infrastructure monitoring measures that are not associated with a system profile.

Each measure is written to the PW every minute. The data includes maximum, minimum, count, sum and I'm probably missing something. If percentiles are turned on for a measure, there may be some data associated with that, as well. I believe that threshold values are also written to the PW.

The measures written include out-of-the-box measures, measures you have created, and result measures for any business transaction.

The data is shown in the client in three places that I know of: any chart uses data from the PW, the Business Transactions Hotspots dashlet uses data from the PW, and the infrastructure monitoring dashboards use data from the PW. Corresponding tiles in the Web UI use data from the PW as well.

Anything else -- method data including arguments and return values, web request and database request details -- all of the detailed diagnostic data that is available in PurePaths and elsewhere -- is written to and read from session storage, not the PW.

But now I have the same question of Alejandro: is there some specific issue you are investigating?

-- Graeme


Fill in the details...


Thank you Graeme and Alexjandro

Our product will integerate with the Dynatrace servers to pull the metrics such as JVM(Heap),CPU etc and we will be storing them and processing it via the policies .

Do we have to make Jdbc calls to pull this data .

Do we have api's where we can get this data based on the metric name and the time range

Also do we have alerting mechanism in Dynatrace based on thresholds . if yes how do we access the alerts .(via API/Jdbc)

Can the UEM dashboards be included in our portal using iframes