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how much resource is needed for DTAgent 6.5 to run properly


This is Ryotaro

I'd like to know how much resource is needed for DTAgent 6.5 to run properly.

I saw System Requirement, but I think the information about Minimum Requirements for Installation.

I think the maximum Agent log size is 10 MB, 5 generation. It already over the spec which is written in system requirement. I need to explaine to our customer about how much resource is needed for DTAgent 6.5 to run properly.I am happy if I could receive an answer quickly.




(Approximate values are fine)


reference SystemRequirement

AppMon Agent

  • Supported agent platforms and operating systems
  • Oracle (Sun) JVM, IBM JVM, JRockit JVM, Azul JVM
  • 10MB disk space
  • Dynatrace AppMon bootstrap agent 6.x
  • DB Agent supports Oracle Database 11g/12c, Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014/2016 and MySQL 5.6/5.7

Best regards



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


The Java agent requires approximately the following resources:

Memory: 10mb of native space in the monitored JVM.

HDD: ~65mb for the agent files themselves. Another ~10mb for log files.

CPU: Usually about 2% for Production. A bit more when using a PreProd key.

Note: The log files can be reduced and even eliminated by turning off logging at the agent level. This is not recommended in the beginning, but only after the agent is installed and verified to be working as required.




Hi, Joseph

Thank you for your quick answer!

Could I ask you to about Web server agent and hostmonitoring Agent as well?

I think almost same as java Agent though... Isn't it?

Best regards



The host monitoring agent is included in the Java agent or web server agent so it will actually consume less resources than those agents. I would say the web server agent and Java agent are similar in resource consumption.