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how to configure the MQ plugin



Hello Lavanya,

There are few MQ plugins out there so I am not sure which one you are referring to specifically but the configuration is generally the same for each. On the fast packs and plugins page where you download the plugin there is usually a configuration section that explains what needs to be done to get the plugin installed and configured in your client.

Here are some instructions for general plugin installation and configuration:

Download the plugin and extract all the files

In the AppMon client navigate to settings -> server settings -> plugins -> install plugins

Follow the instructions in the wizard to get it installed.

Here are some instructions for running the plugin as a task or monitor:

Edit the relevant system profile

click tasks or click monitors

click create

select the task or monitor that you want

Name it and fill in the configuration details (remember a discription of what goes here is usually in the description of the plugin online)

Finish the steps

Go to the tasks and monitors dashlet -> find your task or monitor -> right click and select run now to test if it works


David Nicholls