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how to drill down the Spring Batch process


one of the operation in my application is batch programming with Spring Batch which does read(), process() and write().This batch process takes 5hours to complete.

In purepath it shows "Path Timed Out:The PurePath did not finish in time"

in this condition, how I can get the purepath for 5hours? also what is the best way to get  break-up of the total time spent?

[Broken image]



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


purepaths will time out after 10 minutes by default (you can go up to 1h I think by change the configuration settings).

If you want to monitor a batch process, you will have to change your entry points to start at a lower level. Batch jobs usually run several sub jobs (probably several times), so you might be able to generate purepaths for these. It is obviously highly dependent on what the batch is doing but CPU sampling might help you find what they are.

I hope this makes sense.


I'm new to dynatrace. Sorry if it is a dumb question but I have a similar issue, when my spring batchs are started I can monitor only the logic of the batch start, not the logic implemented in the batch.

What do you mean with "you will have to change your entry points to start at a lower level" ?

Thanks in advance,