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how to find no of Measures associated with the sensor?


Hi All,

I have an existing sesnsor, I am going to modify that sensor. As a part impact analysis, I want to know what are the different measures are associated with that sensor.

I know, manually we can do that going to every measure configuration. But its require lot of manul efforts to find out it.

Is there any easy way to find out it?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I believe that when you go to delete a sensor, it tells you which are the impacted measures. This may be only true when you delete a BT. But a quick test will answer it. Create a bogus sensor, create an associated measure that depends on the sensor, then delete the sensor. Do you get notified?

If not, then there's no other easy way, other than to edit the .xml and search for the associated sensor.

I have already tired that solution but unfortunately there is not any noticed while deleting the sensor.

Do you means that the .xml means system profile.xml file ?