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how to integrate Dynatrace with IBM Integration bus on Windows Maschine


We are new to Dynatrace and wanted to Integrate the Flows,events,transactions in IIB via Dynatrace.

We have installed appmon in one of the Windows maschine locally and also IIB in the same Windows Maschine.

Is there any documents to proceed with Integration with IIB and Dynatrace(App Mon).Please help us if any asap.




Hello @Sanchit G.

Follow the instructions from the below link, if you already have the IBM Integration bus license/units.



Thanks for your valuable input.

Can we also have documents for Integration of Datapower and APIC?

You should install plugin to monitor DataPower:

Suppose we completed all steps for Integration,then after is there any way we can monitor the message flows,transactions or services on any UI tool or how can we see the analytics?

I followed these steps but when I try to deploy application I see below error.

BIP2314E: User Exit 'dtwsmbagent' not found. Registered User Exits - ''.
A User Exit name 'dtwsmbagent' has been specified as active or inactive but that user exit was not provided by any library loaded by this integration server. No user message flows will be started until this is resolved.

The list of user exits registered in this integration server is ''.
If the name is correct, ensure that the user exit library is being loaded by the integration server. Check settings for MQSI_USER_EXIT_PATH environment variable and/or userExitPath integration node property to ensure one of them includes the directory containing the user exit library. Check system log when integration server starts for errors loading the user exit library.

mqsireportflowuserexits TESTNODE
BIP8859I: User Exits active for integration node 'TESTNODE': dtwsmbagent.

Also, when try to execute below command error as below:

mqsichangeflowuserexits TESTNODE -e default -a dtwsmbagent

BIP2211E: Invalid configuration message containing attribute value 'dtwsmbagent', which is not valid for target attribute 'activeUserExitList', object 'default'; valid values are ''.
The integration node received a configuration message containing the attribute value 'dtwsmbagent', which is not valid for the target attribute 'activeUserExitList', on object 'default'. Valid values are ''. This can be caused by a mismatch in levels between the Integration Toolkit and the integration node. Or it can be caused as a result of a node defined by a user, or written by a third party, where the implementation library installed at the integration node does not match the node definition held at the Integration Toolkit.
Ensure that the levels of code installed at the Integration Toolkit and integration node are consistent.
BIP8036E: Negative response received.

please if you can help, What I am missing?


@Michael K.;can help me for its configuration

Hello @Sanchit G.

Please have a look in the below link and let us know if you still have the same situation.