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how to know whether the URL is get or post or any some other HTTP request methods


Hi Team,

I want to know whether the get or post or any other HTTP requests method for any URL?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Praveena,

One way is from the PurePaths dashlet, click on a PurePath, on the Web request node right click and choose Details. The window which opens will contain information about the HTTP Method.

Another way would be to create a Business Transaction which splits on complete URL path and Web Request Method. This will create a results bucket for each URL & Method combination. Use this option carefully as it can create many splittings, add overhead, and possibly measure explosion (inflating of performance warehouse due to high number of results).

Best regards,


Am not able to see under details about HTTP method @Radu S.

Do you see "-" next to it, or do you not see "HTTP Method" appear at all in the details?
Can you please attach a screenshot?

Not able to see HTTP Method itself...PFA screenshotcapture.png @Radu S.

Ok. I think I know what the issue is. Are you right-clicking on the PurePath itself, or on the Web request node from the bottom part of the screen?

You want to open details from the Web request node (see image below).

Thanks Radu. Now am able to see the HTTP Method.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You can also create a "diagnostics" BT that splits on the "Web Requests - Method". This will allow you to drill into all GETs, and POSTs, etc. Just be sure to turn off the PWH storage for the BT.