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how to monitor specific Process availability Alerts in incident dashboard


test.pngI am trying to monitor processes like w3wp or any other process on a box which is dynatrace there a way I can monitor specific process up or down status in incident ...I found one option under hostgroup attached document but doesnt seem to be working as I stopped the process but no alert triggered in incident dashboard for the same. @Shane K. any directions Shane


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Those process availability checks/alerts in your screenshots will only work for host monitoring agents not for application agents such as Java, .NET, etc...

In your case if you are using application level agents you can really only use the built in incidents Application Process Unavailable (unexpected) and/or Application Process Unavailable (shutdown) to see when one of the processes the agent is injected into goes offline. Apart from that you can look at some of the plugins that exist that may be able to help a bit.