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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

how to trend Frustrated Visits by Reason?


is there a measure in appmon 7.1 that lets me trend the visit counts by frustrated reason?

Reasons being:

  • Too many of the actions in this visit were Frustrated (More than 50% of all actions)
  • The last action of this visit was Frustrated
  • There was an error in the last action of this visit


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

This should be metric you need. In generał you should create Business transaction that will split by this maesure.


so there isn't an existing measure tracking this? Because the pre-built visits dashlet has this breakdown...

Appmon does not use metrics for this breakdown. While loading data, sessions are analysed and grouped by several parameters. You asked about metric. It's something different, because session data are overwriting themselves based on data retention. Metrics are stored in permanently with decreasing resolution over time. But still available.

Anyway, this metric is available by default as I see:

I mean User Experience Index of Visits Reason (I've marked wrong one on screen). This is business transaction splitting measure, so even if you have data there, to chart them you will need business transaction which will work from the moment of creation.


created a new BT with the following defn.. hope this works..

The counts don't add up.. if I look at the counts in the Visits dashlet, it shows:

But the BT I created has totally different values..

Even the error reason "there was an error in the last action of this visit" doesn't match the visits dashlet.

This is results from a time filter from 90 mins ago..

I see the same mismatched counts for much older timeframes too..

Going to try removing the filter and see the effect..

I’m not sure but it is possible that BT is counting only finished visits. On visits you see all of them. Event of visit has last frustrated action and there is no extra traffic there is some timeout time


removed the filter.. no effect..

i thought the Visits dashlet counted completed visits only too.. it will be nice to get a formal confirmation.. how do we tag someone from Dynatrace to comment?

You can create support ticket and link there url to this question. I think this will be best option. Don’t forget to come back here as you will get final solution.


According to DT support, Visits dashlet shows both in-progress and completed visits.

BT only computes completed visits.

So like I’ve said before 🙂