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iOS instrument not working when app uploaded in appstore



I have a problem with ios instrument when app was uploaded in appstore, but when I try instrument before upload the apps in appstore, the instrument working well and visits data show up. But when the app upload to appstore, nothing visits data show up.

Here is my configuration before instrument the ios :

  • cordova plugin add dynatrace-cordova-plugin --save
  • add js file to index.html
  • create dynatrace.config.
  • finally build ios with cordova build ios.

Can someone tell me whats wrong with my instrument ?


Best Regard,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

do you have different schemes for building development and release build? maybe the release build is not instrumented or missing configuration for Dynatrace mobile agent?

Hi @Patrick H.

The schemas for building are same, the developer team tell me that everything that contain Dynatrace component is not missing, same as when building the development.

I have a question,is it possible that certificate distribution is causing the problem ? Because, when developer building release build, they put certificate disribution.



Please elaborate what "certificate distribution" is referring to. For iOS the mobile agent neither has a problem when signed for Enterprise distribution or for AppStore distribution. Did you test a release build on a device or on simulator before uploading it to AppStore - what are the Xcode console logs for this run? Are there any agent related logs?

I mean "certificate distribution" is that you mean appstore distribution. Ok clear that appstore distribution is not the problem ?

I will tell the developer to build again and I will check the log