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iPlanet Plugin Retrieving measurements error

Hello everyone,

I am having a bit of trouble with a plugin that retrieves measurements from iPlanet Web Server. For Dynatrace 6.2, iPlanet is no longer supported for web server agent, and so I have suggested this idea for the customer. The problem is that many of the returned measures show null. I have attached an image showing this. I have checked that the collector can access the stats-xml of the iPlanet web server from the browser. Any suggestions?


I have checkedout the plugin and tested the extraction of several measures. I am seeing values for different measures extracted from the stats-xml. I have attached an image showing the measurement values.

Could this be a bug, in that when accessing the details of the monitor, I am seeing null values?

This is related to The problem was a misconfiguration of the hosts that were included in the monitor.