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identifying high profile customers for each transaction


In AppMon with UEM, what ways are available to dynamically identifying or tag high profile customers for each transaction so that we know if there is an issue we are troubleshooting, this is a high profile, important customer?

For example, if we have two transactions failing for customer A and customer B and customer @ is a $10,000,000/year customer and customer B is a %1,000/year customer, we want to focus on the customer that spends the most money with us (ie if they have errors, we are losing a lot of money for every minute/hour/day they are unable to place orders.

Where can we maintain a list in dynatrace (or elsewhere) for the list of high profile customers? How will the "tag" be displayed in AppMon (UEM, PurePath, exception, etc)?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

It sounds like you would want to create a business transaction with filter measure(s) that are specifically for those customers; either 1 measure per user or use regex to match them in a single measure. Then you can add anything you want to track for those customers as result measures. By default you'll already be seeing failure rate and response time. Then you can create incidents off of those result measures and attach alert actions to them.

As far as doing that dynamically I cannot think of any options, each visit in UEM is separate we do not do any tracking across visits for the same user over time so there'd be no way to identify them on the fly.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Other suggestion would be to look to see if there is anything in common ie UID BIGCUSTOMER_XYZ vs SmallCustomer_xyz and have a BT look at the user tag and regex it accordingly, or if there is a property in the code you can look at a sensor and sort it based on that property(either if you have it natively or look at a dummy method to help identify who these people are)


Hello Matt,


Please find above link for visit tag, This link has best example how visit tag works.

In this why you can identify your privilege customer and set business transaction accordingly or incident alert for your high profile customer.