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in incident alerts how can i get ip of host rather than host name



"severity": "severe",
"state": "Created",
"message": "Host Performance/CPU Total Time: CPU Total Time (Host-Agent@shayeeb-vostro-3800) lower bound exceeded; Host Performance/Memory Used: Memory Used (Host-Agent@shayeeb-vostro-3800) upper bound exceeded",
"description": "CPU Total Time (Host-Agent@shayeeb-vostro-3800): Measured peak value: 4.63 [%], Upper Severe Bound: 90.00, Upper Warning Bound: 80.00, Lower Warning Bound: 10.00, Lower Severe Bound: 5.00; Memory Used (Host-Agent@shayeeb-vostro-3800): Measured peak value: 4552757248.00 [B], Upper Severe Bound: 6000000000.00, Upper Warning Bound: 4000000000.00",
"start": "2017-08-01T15:38:40.000+05:30",
"rule": "load",
"systemprofile": "Monitoring"

in the above json string i want the host ip address of the affected system


Hello Shayeeb,

I checked the settings for the incident chart and for a custom CPU total time chart and I couldn't find an option to add the IP address instead of the host name to the chart. If you need to find the IP address of the host in the AppMon client, you can do that by going to the Infrastructure Overview and selecting the host you need, at the top (header) it should have the IP address available to you.


David Nicholls

hi Nicholas,

thank you @David N.,

but is there a way that i can fetch that ip address through rest apis

Hello Shayeeb,

I don't think it is possible through the REST API. I have attached a screenshot of the closest you can get which is to get the hosts used in an availability monitor. This still only returns the host name.


One option that you have is to use the Generic Execution Plugin as a monitor or a task to connect to the host of your choice and then run an IP/IF config to return the ip address. The GEP is very powerful as it allows you to run any configurable command or web service on the machine.


David Nicholls

Hi David,

thank u for the info.

I think i found the solution...


with the above rest call it gives me a xml response through which i am able to map the host name to the ip address

Awesome! I am glad that you were able to find something. I will have the keep that in mind if I ever need that in the future.


David Nicholls