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instrumenting webserver with dynatrace and appserver with appmon


We have an issue with a client. They are in the process of migrating all of their monitoring from Appmon to Dynatrace.

We currently ran into a problem.

The setup is like this:

- they have Appmon running on Websphere 7.6 appservers which holds the old internetbanking

- they have developed and monitored with Dynatrace their new internet banking on different application servers

- all the application servers from above are being accessed through an IBM HTTP Server 8.5 webserver

- they have installed Oneagent on the webserver and visits in Appmon stopped working

- they tried migrating from Appmon to Oneagent on the Websphere 7.6 (which is out of support) and encountered random errors on a particular service; because of this we had to rollback.

We tried to:

- disable JS injection in Dynatrace so that it would not interfere with Appmon's js

- disabled monitoring from Websphere 7.6, restarted processes and uninstalled oneagent there

- reactivated Appmon java agent

Our hope was that, without JS injection, Appmon's js injection will work again.

Unfortunately not. Visits still don't show and moreover only a couple of calls on to the Websphere 7.6 are shown in Appmon.

Do any of you have similar experience on this matter?

Could we somehow monitor with UEM both old and new internetbanking apps(one with Appmon and the other with Dynatrace)?

Sorin Z

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Because the Web Server is handling the injection of the JS agent I would expect to see those visits showing up in your new Dynatrace instance instead of pulled in from App Mon. We have some integrations where purepaths can stitch between the 2 tools