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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

integrating nginx with oneagent



The documentation shows how to integrate nginx with the classic agent and then use the UI to move it to the oneagent platform, I have few questions:

1) once we move from classic agent to oneagent do we manually shutdown the primary agents?

2) what if we directly wanted to set up the oneagent - how do we go about doing so?

3) the classic agent provided a script to generate offset files and once the offset was generated the file could be copied and pasted on any server which was running the same build of nginx - during eap we ran into this and were informed that OA does't support external offset generation so in this case is the requirement to always have the nginx.debug file made available at all times?



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

For the first question, yes you can shut down the primary agent after you switched to the OneAgent platform, but this can be done only manually.

For the second question I have no answer yet, I'm trying to find this out myself. I have opened a support case for it and will update this answer once I know more.


To directly start the webserver agent with the OneAgent platform you have to do the following:


  • Enter DEBUG mode in cleint (crtl+alt+F9)
  • Open the System Profile
  • On the General Tab at the Bottom you have a Button Agent Platform...
  • There you can select which Agents should automatically start as OneAgents (By Agent Group)



Thanks Patrick for sharing the steps --> Is this also documented or are the steps only available on a need to basis from support?

Regarding questions 3, my concern is around the process of creating the self generated offset file. With classic agents we can manually create the offset file on 1 server and use it on other servers but if OA doesnt support this feature then does it mean that the requirement is always to have nginx.debug file on every web server?

It isn't in the documentation yet, hence I opened the Ticket, I'm sure it will be added there eventually.

I misread the third questoin, sorry for that. I'm not sure about the offset file though, I never had to create it manually for nginx, the creation at startup always worked for me.