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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

integration AppMon and Grafana

Hello Everyone

We want use Gragana for display data from different sources (AppMon, Zabix and other)

How properly we must sent data Gragana?

Do we have a plugin for integrate Appmon with Gragana?



There is no direct integration to Grafana itself. However you can use the PureLytics feature to send data to ElasticSearch, which does interface with Grafana nicely. In fact, if you are trying to aggregate several sources of data into one view using Grafana, ElasticSearch is one of the best ways to achieve this.

More info on PureLytics:

More info on Grafana and ElasticSearch:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

- Jacob


How I understand you we do not way for direct of sending data to Grafana

we can only send using a facilitator

Yes, and really, Grafana is just for displaying data, so there is no real way to "send" data to it, it just interfaces with other data sources, such as InfluxDB, Elastic, OpenTSDB, etc.

The latest version Grafana is shipped with its own alerting engine:

So it's not just a graphing solution anymore.



I've created an elasticsearch cluster and configured a datastore for it. Grafana tells me that it successfully connected to the Elasticsearch cluster.

I've very new to ElasticSearch and Grafana - not to mention Lucene. I just want to get at least one very simple graph working, however I am having a hard time finding any information online on how to achieve this.

During Perform 2017, Grafana was mentioned several times, and multiple sessions were focused around this. It would be extremely useful if there was a simple how-to guide, (assuming absoultely nothing) of creating your first graph.


How to create a graph using ElasticSearch (with PureLytics Stream)

Viewing example data in in ElasticSearch

What to set the Time field name in the ElasticSearch details section under datastore

What to set as the index name (found out it was dt_* after way to much searching)

i see a lot of information in dynatrace that we can use these great features, but the barrier to entry to too high unless you either have some knowledge, or a lot of time to research.


I've created this Grafana datasource plugin to use the API directly. Might be useful.


Hi Piotr,

are you aware if it's doable to have dynatrace-managed as a datasource for grafana?