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is there any way we can set custom cookie to identify unique user by Dynatrace UEM?



If any one of you had every tried to send custom cookie by DT UEM to trace an unique user or identify the user. Because I would like to trace the user action before the user login and map these user actions to the user behavior after user login.

Or is there any way, I can map the user behavior who is not login, and identify the user when he is login in the same machine??




Hi Olsen,

You could possibly try.

1. in the Sensor Configurations for your agent, Go to properties for the Servlet (for Java) sensor or ASP.NET (for .NET) sensor for your agent,

2. Specify the attribute and the name for your cookie so that your agent can begin capturing this custom cookie value.

3. Once your verify this cookie is being captured in the web request details of your purepath data, create a "Web Requests Cookie value" measure on the custom cookie.

4. in your user experience settings, you can use this as a Visit tag.

5. if you are on v6.3+, there is the feature of a primary and secondary visit tag. Here you could use the cookie value as the primary visit tag and the user login as a secondary visit tag or vice versa. This way you can map the user before they log in and after

Hope this Helps




thanks for your reply.

But I would like to know can Dynatrace help me to SEND the cookie to users?Because currrently, my customer's web site didn't create any cookie to identify the unique users they ask if Dynatrace can help on this? Like the UEM can auto add a js agent in the web page, can we make Dynatrace to add a custom cookie in the web page?

Do you have any idea for this? or it's impossible for Dynatrace?