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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

letsencrypt and dynamically update certificate


Is it possible to dynamically update the certificate and key on AppMon?

Letsencrypt requires to update once a month i believe.

And for web servers its straight forward to do this dynamically through crontab


@Tarjei U.,

for the interesting question. there is no official way to automatically
import and deploy new keys/certs to the servers and components, but
eventually I can provide you a non-official workaround, which I advise
you to use only if absolutely necessary. in this case, please open up a
SUP case and I will try to figure a way out and give you detailed

best regards

Hi Tobias, checking with you whether you have gotten around to this?

Ok, I just got word back that this is not possible. Is there any point in creating a RFE for it?

Hi @Tarjei U.,

yes, the feature that would've made the (dirty) workaround possible is not available anymore. Sorry for that. Of course you can submit a RFE, since we are doing a major re-factoring of our certificate management (presumably for 7.2) it has good chances to be implemented.

Best regards

hi @Tarjei U.,

as i already mentioned, please open a support case if you really want to get a workaround for this.

best regards