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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

missing something about REST XML API



Am trying to use REST XML reporting combined with Jersey to develop a Java based reporting app.

Have validated basic REST XML interface and access.

Can't seem to resolve a simple encoding issue.

As an example, created a dashboard called RESTXMLPP that only contained the PP dashlet. Confirmed that it worked by calling in a web browser and through a Jersey Java program:

Now want to be able to customize the timeframe.

Typing this in the browser works:

In the Java program, Jersey encodes the special characters and I end up with this:

When submitted via Jersey, the server ignores the filter and I still get the last 30 minutes. What am I missing?


Hi Ron,

It looks like you need to escape or encode special characters, in the case : and ? .

Take a look at this thread from stackoverflow.

Hope this helps,