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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

monitor dynatrace users


I would like to find which users are effectively using Dynatrace application. In the server log I am able to find the connections coming from the fat client ( "INFO [ClientSessionInitializer] User...").

But I am very interested in the usage of Dynatrace Web, and I cannot find how to detect which users are using it. In the server log I can only see ldap warnings when a user is not entering adequate credentials, but nothing else.

Any suggestion on how to detect the Dynatrace Web users?

Is it possible to monitor Dynatrace Web as normal web application?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Jesus,

This might not be the most elegant way to do this but you can use the Self-Monitoring system profile to see what people are doing on the Web interface. You will need to be on Debug Mode for this (CTRL + SHIFT + F9).

Once on Debug Mode, expand the dynaTrace Self-Monitoring system profile and click on Purepaths, you should be able to see calls made on the Web UI and you should be able to look at Usernames by clicking on the Web Request details in the PurePath (top most node of the PurePath tree).

Hope this helps,



Thanks for the hint. But none of the reports provide any info (Purepaths, web requests, etc). They are all empty. Do I need to activate any non-default setting to make it record this info?

What kind of account rights do you have? Is it Admin?


My account is in the group Admin, which has the management role "Administrator" for <default> system profiles.

Then you should be seeing data. What timeframe were you looking at? Trying going back a day or two and see if anything comes up.


I have found that, in the Self-monitoring system profile, almost all sensors are deactivated.I belief that it is the default setting. Do you think that some sensors should be activated in order to track user activity? which ones?

It seems that the server application does not allow hot sensor placement, so I will first test it in a test environment where reboots are more simple.

That's a good idea. I took a look at our profile and looks we have User Monitoring (active), Web Server (active and start PurePaths), Servlets (active and start PurePaths), User Experience (active) and Exceptions (active) for sensors placed. Try replicating that and see if you get data.


It Works!. It even has a measure to detect the username "WebUI User Name", used in the UEM to tag the visits. Creating a BT for that measure, now I am recording the usernames.

The next challenge is to track which web dashboards are used, but now the path is clear.

Thanks a lot for the support.

Happy to help! Glad we found a solution that works for you.