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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

.net + iis - instrumentation / correct installation / uses of IIS global modules

Hello evryone!

I have two questions on which I could not find the response

1) The customer has Application, one component of this works on IIS + .net. Customer`s technical specialist not frendly to us. We can not get information from him about system and architecture.

IIS: There are 6 sites such (Api1, Api2, Api3 etc.) Subagents loaded from global modules (Dynatrace IIS WebServer Agent 7.0 / x64)
All works fine. In Agent overview i see Master Agent - and 6 subagents.

.NET: w3wp with empty command line was added. I have 6 rows with ".NET agent loaded successful"
In dynatrace .NET configuration tool i see thats Agents successful loaded, but i cant see it in agents overview and on collector log.

How can I understand that i need only IIS or .NET on. for example Api2?

My outputs: if i have transaction purepaths size 1 on IIS/.NET - i dont need this agent.

I ask to correct me if i wrong.

2) Customer have many sites and many .NET processess.
If we add sub-agents in global modules and we add .NET processes with empty parameter "command line" - for the purpose of saving of time - what it can lead to.

What consequences will be? This way is possible? I cant find answer in documentation. I ask you to show me if I was inattentive and missed this point. Thank you!


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


1) if the site is static only then you don't need the .NET agent. If the site is dynamic then you need both. The only time when you don't need the IIS agent is when the code is packaged as a windows service and IIS isn't used at all.

If you see your web server agents but not .NET then something is wrong with the deployment of the agents. You can check the local logs on the machine to see if they fail when connecting. I'd check that it is using the correct address for the collector. Don't forget that the agent will not appear until at least one request has been processed first.

2) not listing the application pool names in the configuration utility shouldn't cause any problems.