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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

nobootstrap for JVM


As the web server agent provide the option nobootstrap= true in dtwsagent.ini so that it can use the local library file instead of downloading it from the collector. Similarly, I am looking for an option to have the JVM not to check for the update and use the local library so that the JVM will use old DT agent version to start.



Hello Shirish,

When I check the Java agent configuration, there is no mention of the no bootstrap flag. This leads me to believe that this functionality is not available for the Java agent. There was probably an important use case to allow the web server agents to use the local files that did not apply to the deep dive ones. If you really need that functionality, you can try creating a request for enhancement (RFE) to have it added to the tool.


David Nicholls

The Java agent does not need a 'nobootstrap' flag like the webserver agent. Instead to disable bootstrapping on a Java agent, simply specify the "" file instead of the "" in the -agentpath parameter. This effectively bypasses the bootstrapper for that java agent.


I got the answer for this from the DT support team. You need to use the "" instead of the "". This works fine for my requirement the disadvantage is, the agent wont be auto upgraded.. anyways that what we don't want!!!.