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not seeing my class in purepaths even after adding it to sensor



We have dynatrace installed, setup, in our environment - .net web service and SQL server database.

In our testing environment, where we have dynatrace installed, we see a huge jump in application response times (slower). Drilling down into the purepath, I see very little information. The database access times have not changed. And the high level method calls are higher, but I cannot tell why.

How can I drill down, to have dynatrace collect more information? I tried going into dyntrace and adding additional sensors for the .net class that might provide more information. And then I restart the application. But I am not seeing additional information in the purepaths (and I dont see the class that I added sensors for).

Is there something else I need to do in order to pickup timings for my additional class in the purepath?



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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


Sorry for the very late reply on this. When you define additional sensors I always do a quick sensor sanity check:

After you restart your application go to Agent Overview -> click on Deployed Sensors tab -> search for your method and make sure it shows up. If it doesnt show up it means that the method is still not instrumented. This can have two reasons:

#1: your rule didnt work: Could be that you made a typo in the rule. Could be that you didnt place it for the correct agent group. could be that you have another rule that is higher prioritized which excludes that method from being included.

#2: the method has not yet been loaded by the application

If the method shows up in the deployed sensors tab but you dont find it in the PurePath it could mean it is simply not executed as part of the currently captured PurePaths. Maybe you need to pick a different method that for sure gets executed. One thing I often do is to

#a) look for the method that I want to get more details on.

#b) I right click on that Method in the PurePath and select "Add Sensor Rule -> Refine with callee methods". This will open a dialog that shows you which methods this particular method calls directly. Now you can add additoinal methods to instrument.

I hope this helps you for your next steps. You might also want to check out my "Share Your PurePath" program ->