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out of Memory alert

Hi All,

Dynatrace client is showing an error is one of the production application server is out of memory,but application logs all are fine.Why is is showing an false alert.Can you explain clearly to fix this issue.





Hello @Hema k.

Open the incident dashboard and right click > details to check the exact message description e.g.

  • A memory snapshot has been triggered. There have been 3 out of memory events until now. The latest out of memory event occurred 9h 23min 57s ago.
  • The memory health of host 'abcdef' is not ok. During the last 15 minutes this host reported 20 (or more) hard page faults per second.

Share the result with us.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


I find it interesting that you claim this is a 'false alert'. Is it possible that AppMon has detected a problem and notified you of this problem, even before your application is aware of a problem? I think that's pretty awesome. Just because your application hasn't received an OOM error from the runtime, does not mean that memory is healthy. The ideal situation (when memory problems occur) is to detect and address them BEFORE they cause application failures. An OOM error in your application is too late.

True, that is the whole point of having an APM tool like AppMon which helps you be proactive rather than reactive.