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performance warehouse schema and table definitions



Looking for a complete performance warehouse schema and table definitions.

Looked through the documentation but unable to locate it.

I know it is not something dynatrace advice to do, do to potential overload of the database.

But we are looking to make a nightly copy of the database and then use our BI solution to query data from the copy.

We prefer this solution rather then REST API, purelytics stream and business transaction data feed.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Claus,

the ddl file is located in .../server/conf/repository/<DBMS>/create.ddl, albeit in a slightly convoluted way due to the fact that we want the scripts to be re-executable.

The tables are listed in Andi's post here:

and the measurement lookup tables are explained here:

Note that the schema changes (sometimes considerably) between releases and is therefore not a supported / stable API to our data. Best regards,


Hi Peter,

Could you post the Tables link again, its the measurement link twice, thanks.


sorry, I've edited my answer. Note that you've apparently already seen this page, as you've added a comment there recently.

NB: Instead of using our .ddl you can also have your DBMS generate the schema definition from an existing database.