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purepath state on a Business Transaction Hotspot dashboard


could the mentioned dashboard be configured according to the image?

what i eventually needs is to the see some aggregated purepath state that shows me whether there were some issues within actual transactions or not. maybe something similar to the 'Failed %' column but for errors




is this topic somehow linked to your question?

check Andi's response:

EDITED BY Andreas Grabner: THIS SHOULD BE ABOUT CONFIGURING THE THRESHOLDS FOR TRANSACTION HEALTH (impacted Error Detection). After what % of Failed Transactions (HTTP 5xx, 4xx, Severe log messages, ...) should the transaction flow really show RED for that node!


Hi, Alex

Well, not exactly. What I'm looking for is probably 'Error count' value, that should show total amount of occurred errors for all purepathes per custom filter. Just one more column next to 'Failed %'

The goal is to see those errors on Business Transaction Hotspot dashboard.

AFAIU the link you've provided is about already existing green circle on that dashboard (not only that one), that shows aggregated transaction health (for all matched PP). It's weird to see it green even when half of matched PP have errors. But since I can't control that calculation I'd like at least to see actual error count.