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purepath transaction flow total percentage spent



I get a question from our DT customers, about the sum % time spent on the different tiers.

If we look into the transaction flow of some of the purepaths, the transactionflow is showing % of time spent in every tiers. But if we calculate the sum of those percentages, the total does not reach 100%, in some cases even not 70%.

Now the question is : where is the remaining 30 % of time spent. As we do not see any external tier, it is an interesting question.

Can someone help me to answer this ?




Hi @Vanwalleghem Monique,

What you don't see is the inter tier time per transaction. You need to click "show" in the header. This is where the rest 67.87% is hidden.

Inter tier time occurs between two agents.This time usually comes from transactions that pass through a tier.This time may be network latency or non-instrumented tiers.It may also be related
to network problems.

Sometimes the percentage is hidden and you need to hover over the component and use the context menu. The "transaction response time contribution" will be shown there.

Please see the screenshot

When you enable it the additional time will show up. Please see an example below

I hope this helps.