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questionable value for the dtSa cookie


Hello, we are using F5 ASM and dyatrace looks like it is getting flagged for violations. One of them is the use of the dtSa cookie. I have read through multiple posts on here regarding the issue and the format I am seeing is different. this is the value - with domain information masked.

dtSa=true|TE|-1|<input type="button" value="NEXT" name="next" onClick="javascript:navigate()">|-|1547493488585|93480489_653|||1547493480795|;

this one is getting flagged as level 5 violation due to "javascript" and "onClick".

Is it possible this is actually a valid value? thanks for any insight



for now I see two possible solutions

  • user action masking (see for details: - this will change they way you will see all actions. I think this may change the cookie content. Actually this javascript is part of clicked element, dynatrace stored it and than data from this element are extracted to provide informations to user action
  • disable dtSa cookie (enable debug mode (CTRL+SHIFT+F9 and see how below) - dtSa cookie is used to track so-called "delayed user actions" (e.g. a click on 1 page results in another page being loaded) if we can't use browser's localstorage to persist this info. The consequence of disabling the cookie is that such delayed user actions will not longer be reported.



Sebastian, thanks for the quick answer. I have enabled the second option and I should know within a day if it helps. I am wondering about the other DT cookies in use. Is there a document or link or can you explain their function? I am considering disabling more if we don't use the information they provide. thanks again. Nona