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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

"CPU Unknown" in UEM visit details from Clients using Ipad Air/Ipad Mini

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi all,

I'm posting this question for a customer of mine, who has noticed this detail while browsing through the UEM visits collected.

Every visit that comes from an Ipad Air/Ipad Mini (see the screenshot attached cpu-from-ipad-mini-air-unknown.png ) reports the CPU value as "X86_unknown", while for others using Ipad 2/3/4 it shows the correct model. APK version is

He would like to know if anyone has the same behaviour, or this has been fixed with some newer release.

Thank you all,




@Valerio Fiori,

I am assuming that the iPad Air and iPad mini are the latest models. If they are, this would be why they are showing as unknown. We are currently in the process of updating or code to correctly identify the newer models. Could you or the customer create a support ticket and we can create a fix for 6.1 that would correctly identify the newer hardware from Apple. Dynatrace 6.3 will contain the update information when it releases.


Hi Neal,

Thanks for your reply, I'm going to redirect this to my customer and he will decide if it's worth to open a Support ticket.