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"Sun/Oracle Code Cache used" very high

We have decreased the memory allocated on the Appmon server, because it was oversized, from 128Gb to 96Gb. We can see than both memory and CPU level, work properly. But we have noticed a considerable increase in the "Sun/Oracle Code Cache used". What can it be the cause? what should we do?


This two things shouldn’t be connected to each other.


Maybe we haven't noticed it before. Should we do something with Code Cache in order not to have any problem?

You are saying about such high value on appmon server itself, yes? If there are no issues with not enough memory for server, it should be fine. The question is as well about sizing. After changing memory amount, did you check sizing settings as well? There is option to pick memory that server will allocate. You should pick option that contains your new value, or little bit lower. In general even for smaller sizing, appmon server may consume extra memory if available. But check if there isn't still 128GB left there.


Hi again, we have been looking at Code Cache Used and its behaviour seems good. Now it is time to decrease physical memory. What do you think about this values?

And this one.

Do you think we can decrease physical mem from 128 to 96 without issues?

Last one.....