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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

regex help: 2nd URL part, only for 2-part URLs


We have some URLs that we need to capture using Appmon. The URLs are basically: Basically, anything that has no additional /levels after acp/level1

There will be plenty of other URLs in the data like /acp/level1/level2/level3 etc.

The URls i'm trying to capture can have letters, numbers, and dashes (because there are dates). here are the types of URLs I want to capture. Basically anything that has only 1 part after the initial /acp/ part.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi, try



If is always the same, why not do:?


There's no just single answer. I provided as generic as possible solution to the "regex help: 2nd URL part, only for 2-part URLs". Some people / machines will sometimes go through instead as live learns.


I'm making this using web request URI value business transaction. I was going to filter on this and also use it as a splitting value to get the desired output.

im I correct to assume that the web request URI value filter/splitting wont even look at the fqdn portion? So wont all of my inputs simply start with /acp/[stuff/stuff/stuff] as opposed to https..../stuff?

Correct Shrimant, when using web requests - URI pattern value, fqdn will not be considered. If you're only concerned with the URI path and not the domain that measure should be fine. You can use a regex very similar to what was provided minus the domain, like


Which will match on any of the URI paths you provided and reject anything with any further levels in the path. It will also capture level 2 of the URI in case you want to use it for a splitting value or something. I don't think escaping the forward slashes is needed by the AppMon regex interpreter but it also would not hurt.