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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

sensor is not showing for method



I have added sensor for method and added hot sensor placement.But that method is not showing.can someone help me ,is there anything else am I missing.





You want to do two things:

First, open up the Agents Overview, select the agent that executes the method you are interested in, and click on the Deployed Sensors tab at the very bottom of the window, Then, you can search for the method. If the method is not there, that suggests that you have some sort of mistake in the sensor definition, such as a misspelled method name or an incorrect Visibility or Inheritance setting. If it looks OK, I would try restarting the application server to see if that gets the sensor loaded.

Second, if the method is shown in the list of Deployed Sensors, I would open up the Methods dashlet and search for the method. If it is not there, that means that it was not called! You will probably need to investigate which web requests actually end up calling that method, and make sure your traffic includes the right requests.

Let us know what you find.

-- Graem


Hi Tarun and Graeme,

I just wanted to share how I resolved my problem in case other people find themselves in the same situation.

I was having a similar issue where we added a sensor after seeing it in the class browser but, even after the app restarted the process, the method was not showing up in the "deployed sensors". We followed Graeme's suggestion to check the method settings. I changed Visibility from the default "Public" to "public/default/protected/private", and I checked the "methods with any arguments" option.

After a hot sensor placement, I was not able to see the method in "Deployed Sensors".

However, once the team restarted their process, the method was now showing up.

Best regards,