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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

set kiosk mode dashboards from command line?



Is it possible to set which dashboards open in kiosk mode from the command line, e.g. -kiosk -dashboard "Sys Info".

I've had a play after reading the documentation but haven't managed to do it.





Hi Ian,

Try using "C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\Dynatrace Client 6.5 (x64)>dtclient.exe -kiosk [10]", where the path before dtclient.exe is the path for your client. I have tried using it, it seemed to work for me. Hope this helps.



I believe Ian's question is regarding how to specify which dashboards are in the rotation via the command line when opening up in kiosk mode, and if this is the case I am not aware of any options for this. Pretty much the ones that will come up will be the dashboards marked as open when it was last closed.

I apologize for misunderstanding the question. I agree with James, I am not aware of such an option.



Have you tried the following. Though last time I tried this it was on 6.3 and not 6.5. But hopefully it still works.

"C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace Client 6.5 (x64)\dtclient.exe" -kiosk -dashboard "online://<AppMon Server Name>/<Dashboard Name" | "online://<AppMon Server Name>/<Dashboard Name""

Thanks for your help. I've tried on 6.5 and the first dashboard will open. I also tried with a list of dashboards using that syntax but only the first opened:

"C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace Client 6.5 (x64)\dtclient.exe" -kiosk -dashboard "online://<server>/Dashboard_One" | "online://<server>/Dashboard_Two"

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DynaMight Leader

You can do this with the -dashboard option. If the dashboard is on the server the parameter would be:

-dashboard "online://appmon server name/dasboard name"

appmon server name is the name of the server as displayed in the client, it can be different from dns/host name. I tested it with 7.0, still works fine there:

dtclient.exe -kiosk -dashboard "online://dynatraceserver/easyTravelDashboard"
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Hadn't seen that before and it looks like it's not specifically for kiosk mode which would explain that. Here is the page for the command line arguments if any one is interested:

It does look like this will only let you set one dashboard though, is that correct?

My comment below shows how you can add multiple dashboards using the | (pipe). Though, as I've stated this worked in 6.3 not certain if it still does in 6.5

Ah gotcha, didn't see that. INteresting workaround.

Something that had worked for me was setting a kiosk user with assigned start-up dashboards. Editing this user allowed me to set loaded dashboards without changing the command line.