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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

simple, non aggregated BT scheduled report



Have an urgent requirement to pass along some "raw" business transaction data to a third party as part of a proof of concept. Long term the solution would be to set up a HTTP Stream in some form, but for now, is there a quick way to set up a scheduled report that will give me Date, Time, Business Transaction, status, agent, response time.

We are looking at 100 business transactions, some will have less than 10000 records an hour, others will be over 100k/hour

So far, only been able to get an aggregated/rolled up view, which is not what we want, we want to see each individual request (though do not need to see any purepath info)

Hoping there is an easy way to automate this 🙂




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Vijay,

Business Transaction feed does not aggregate the data, but streams out discrete transaction data.

Did you check the real time business transaction feed?





Yeah, checked that out, and that is the answer, but it is not something I can get stood up quickly due to various processes etc. so am looking for a quicker short term solution via scheduled reports or direct SQL extracts from the performance warehouse.

The aggregated views I have talked about were via scheduled reports not a feed


Managed to sort this out so thought I would update this in case anyone else has the same requirements.

I ended up creating a new dashboard based on the purepath dashlet. Applied filters for agents, applications and (most importantly) business transactions.

Modified the column headers to include the transaction, and getting rid of stuff I didnt want.

This still left me with over 300k rows of data for yesterday, and trying to save as CSV or XLS ran into the 5000 limit issue, however, the same limit does not seem to apply when saving as XML. Then all I do is load the XML into Excel and I have all the Raw data i need 🙂