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'source locked' icon on Dashboards in AppMon 7.1?


After upgrading to 7.1, we see a lock icon with the text 'source locked' at the top left of all of our dashboards. What does this mean? This was not present in 6.5, as far as we can recall.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This happens when you picked a certain source in the dashboard and you selected a different profile in the global profile picker. With this information, we try to show you that the default from the dashboard is used and not from the global picker. You can change this behavior in the dashboard settings. Makes sense?

The explanation does make sense, but I'm seeing that even when I select a profile with the picker, I still get the icon and message for a dashboard created under that profile:

The source locked is only visible, when the checkbox "Use selected client data source" is not checked. This should always indicates, that the source is persisted on the dashboard and cannot be overridden. Doesn't matter if you have picked the same source.

Ok that makes sense then, thanks