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splittings combinations


I have a URL that has 3 Request parameters. The different combinations of the 3 request parameters define/corresponds to different business services. What is required is to be able to show a dashboard with response time or request count for various combinations for instance choosing P1= X, P2=Y and P3=Z then I see for this specific combination the response time and number of requests.

Obviously, defining a business transaction for each and every combination would be rather infeasible.

Any ideas? Thanks,

Alfred Raouf



You can create a Business Transaction and the the three parameters as a Splitting Value, so that the BT is split by the value of P1, P2 and P3.

But be aware that this could lead to a lot of measures being created if there are a lof of different values for the three parameters.


Thanks Patrick, I have already done this but it is not exactly what is required. We can't for instance create a report filtering or one of the three parameters only using this BT, or say I want to see P1= X and P2= Y statistics alone, or can we?

It's not that comfortable in the client as the three splittings are all in one column.

But you could just make a csv/xls export of the data and make 3 columns for the splitting, then you would be more flexible for reports.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

From my perspective the best approach to multi-dimensional analysis with AppMon is to use our Business Transaction Real Time Data Feed to an external BI Solution such as ELK, Splunk ...

You can find more information about this capability in the doc:

We also have a YouTube Tutorial where we showed our PureLytics Stream. While PureLytics focuses on UEM-only data it shows you the power of this type of data feed export:


Hi Alfred, How many combinations are there in your system? If there are lesser than 30-50 configurations, its worth spend time configuring these.

1. If not you should rather look any ways to configure top 10-20 transactions which are most critical and rest aggregate as others using regex etc.

2. Try to modify and revisit the requirement. Are these really necessary? Note that all kind of web request does not necessarily have same parameters in the system for all web request. Check that also.

And of course you can get RT and Count by using "web request (time)" measure .

Let us know what you think.

Regards, Rajesh.