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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

una ble to drill down to exact transaction flow dashboard from Custom dashboard (traffic light) configured for specific measure and BT's


I've created a custom dashboard in Dyntrace with trafficlights,configured to specific measure or BT's within.

Whenever, drilling down to view the exact error causing, Purepaths or transaction flow, it leads to the dashboard with filters selected to all the Agent groups, even after configuring dashlet specific filters, drilldown leads to all the transactions which aren't relevant for issue caused or even to relevant agents.

How can i drill down from the dashlet to new dashboard that shows the relevant information for the issue ?



Hi Sandeep,

Anytime you drill down to the related PurePaths from a
dashboard, the results will only be filtered by the time period you have selected
(i.e. 30 min, 6 hours, etc). You have a couple of options to work around/deal with this:

  1. You
    can simply filter the purepaths from the new dashboard by Response Time to
    see the ones most violating the threshold
  2. If
    you chart a BT response time instead of a normal response time measure,
    then the PurePaths shown in a drill down are only those of the timeframe
    and the BT
  3. You
    can link dashboards to a dashlet so that you get a drill down option to
    these existing dashboards. That way you can customize what it will filter


Thanks Lara for the response, first of all Wish you a very happy new year !!

What i am more looking towards is, when I drill down into a pure path, transaction flow etc., I see more transactions than the one transaction that crossed the threshold and the agent groups filter is set to all, which was not the condition set to the dashlet from where its invoked

Is there a way to pass the filter conditions from the dashlet to the dashboard

Happy New years to you too!

When drilling down into purepaths or a transaction flow, etc, AppMon will only filter on the time period that was set for that dashlet, not on the specific agent. It's trying to show you everything that occurred when the problem had been arising, which is why it may be useful to sort by Response Time to be able to quickly identify the problem. Instead, you could also consider options 2 and 3 from the previous answer as a way of selecting the filter conditions for the new dashboard (there isn't an option to automatically pass the filter down).