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unique_agent_names_with_index with the one agent

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I have used the unique_agent_names_with_index=false switch a lot in the past, especially when there is a single agent per host. It solves the issue of having myAgent and myAgent[1] alternating when IIS is bounced for instance. Without it, charts look messy as colours keep on changing depending on the agent name.

I'm now using the core agent which doesn't talk to a collector as it connects directly to the server. Is there an equivalent switch for the server as it is happening when the process is restarted?

The instructions explicitly say to put the switch on the collector and the name implies that it is for the collector only (-Dcom.dynatrace.diagnostics.collector.agentcenter.unique_agent_names_with_index).




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Flo,

there has been a change in 6.5 about this flag. we didn't only have issues around the OneAgent, but also with Agents that were balanced and redirected to other Collectors.

so we moved the Agent index handling from the Collector to the Server. the flag can still be set on specific Collectors and the Server will handle it accordingly, but the same flag can also be set on the Server which will change the behavior globally.

it might be a little confusing to set a flag named "com.dynatrace.diagnostics.collector.agentcenter.unique_agent_names_with_index" on the Server, but we didn't want to introduce a new flag so we kept it.

HTH, Christian