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upgrade and migration of appmon 6.2 to 7


we planning to upgrade and migrate from appmon 6.2 to 7. We have 6.2 appmon server in a w2003 also database server warehouse is on a 2012 shared server. we planning to have a new w2012 server for the new appmon 7. But we want to keep the database warehouse, so my cuestion is: what is the procedure in this case to preserve and keep using the same database in the new installation?

Any help and tip will be appreciated.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Robert,

this should be the default scenario - please check and follow the upgrade guide:

it recommends a DB backup and the configuration settings for the performance warehouse will be migrated and the data in it will be migrated by the new server.

The main point would be to check if the DB version is still supported (see preparations page of the upgrade) - but be sure to go through and follow all steps.

Best regards,