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visit tag configuration issue


Hi All,

I have been trying to implement visit tagging for Username ID by using web requests parameter value Measure, and this is not first time,we already instrumented 3 system profiles (all are related to same application but in different environment) and in every system profile i could see the username ID in visit tag column. I follow same steps for configuration of new application. Not sure what am i missing.






Hi Sathwika,

2 things to consider:
1) if the login request belongs to a different system profile or application then the tag will not carry over

2) if the authentication mechanism is not the same then you will need to re-evaluate how you retrieve this. potentially look into session attributes instead of post parameters? (this might solve your issue also if number 1 is true)

Hope that helps,

Rick B

Hi rick,

thanks for reply!!

We have only one application but we configured on new App_server for some reason we need to create a system profile for new app_server. So login page didn't change and authentication is same from user end.

i have question if we instrument dynatrace agents only on Application server will it effect for visit tagging?? because this the only major difference from other system profile.



Here's what I think is happening then, based on what you're saying:

Users are logging in to servers instrumented by agents which are mapped to system profile 1, and then either navigating or getting redirected to servers which are mapped to system profile 2. If this is the case, it explains what is happening. the request where j_username is being passed is sent to a completely different system profile, let alone visit, and so that will never get picked up to tag your request. I highly recommend putting new app server agents in the same system profile unless you have a team-level security reason to do otherwise. You can put them in a separate agent group if you need to separate them logically.

The other thing is to keep these in the same "Application" as configured by dynatrace in order to keep one user's complete traffic in the same visit without splitting into multiple entities.

Hope that helps,

Rick B


Set the value 1 on teh section

Evaluation, Filter and Splitting Measure Thresholds

Exceeds or Equal 1

This would be if the measure was evaluating to a number or occurrence, and needed to work as a BT Filter. I don't believe that's what Sathwika is trying to accomplish here