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visits across different applications


One of my customer would like to see Visits across different application, which mean we need to present all the user actions across different applications within a visit( a user visit url u1 in application A1, then u2 in application A2, u3 in application A3, for this visit, we need to correlate all these actions)

However, I found that we can only correlate user actions within application, that means 3 visits for the above example( v1 for applicatiion A1, v2 for application A2 and v3 for application V3)

I checked Dtcookie for all these visits and I found the dtcookie tag value is the same, so that means technically we can correlate all these visits into 1 

is there a way to track visits across different applications?


Issue illustration

User action “loading of page /advisor/servletRequestHandler” in application GAA


Cookie for this request


Cookie content:

dtCookie=67AA7C66B1148D1C3458AC2C079E7BF6|GAA|1|GGIS|1|GVS|1; dtPC=544862717_807#_load_|544862827_791#_load_|544865374_172#_load_|545198264_139#_load_|545219592_969#_load_|545228092_827#_load_|545228202_838#_load_; dtLatC=10|8|7.5|8|7.5|7.5|0|8|7.5|39|7.5



User action “loading of page /gvs/showLockUnlock.action” in application GVS



Cookie for this request



Cookie content

dtCookie=67AA7C66B1148D1C3458AC2C079E7BF6|GAA|1|GGIS|1|GVS|1; dtPC=544862717_807#_load_|544862827_791#_load_|544865374_172#_load_|545198264_139#_load_|545219592_969#_load_|545228092_827#_load_|545228202_838#_load_|545230233_178#_load_|545323624_671#_onload_; dtLatC=14|8|8|7.5|15.5|8|23.5|46.5|7.5|8|15.5



As you can see the dtcookie tag value for these 2 visits is the same (67AA7C66B1148D1C3458AC2C079E7BF6)

So can we merge these 2 visits into 1?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. Visits are always tracked individually per application. If you want to track them as a single Visit you need to configure your applications so that there is only one App for all your different web sites


Hi Andi, It doesn't work for me!

I inserted an URL access to easytravel portal in my PHP Wordpress site and configured in dyntrace only one app for both sites.

See images attached.


There is an RFE (RFE: Make visit break optional when transactions go from one app to another app) to make the visit break optional when going across applications. 

Please vote.



thanks , already voted



Old thread, but I have the same challenge (and the link to the RFE doesnt work).

Is it now possible to configure to have visits pass the through different applications? (no, the configuring of application definition in AppMon cannot be changed).