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web server agent disconnected incident


Is there a way to set an incident whenever a web server agent is disconnected (as we can do for .net/java agents) ?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Are you using the "application unavailable (unexpected)" incident for the Java/.Net agent incidents? We are using that and it does alert us when our web service agents go offline unexpectedly. Just enabling it in the system profile should work, are you seeing different behavior?



Yes, we are. but it alerts us only when the java agents go offline.

We now need to find a solution for the web server agent (http/apache), is it possible?


The difference between web server agents and .NET or Java is that
for the web server agents there is the master agent that's handling the
connection to the AppMon server. So you will only get an incident if the
master agent is shut down and not if the web server itself goes down.

You could however configure a URL monitor to query if your application is still alive.

Best regards,


Hi Dominik

Thanks for you answer.

When I killed the Web Server service (on windows) the incident came out both for the master and slave !

Was there and answer for this? We are seeing the same behaviour for IIS. What is the best way to be alerted/informed?

Hi John,

Our concern was about situations that some one will shutdown a site in the regular way and not killing the process, how can we get alerts on this kind of issues.

We have decided to use the url monitor every few minutes to check if the site is up and if not to sent an alert.

Hope this will help you