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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

webCalls to DBcalls ratio for a set of transactions



if it is possible to get over rest api following numbers (highlited with pink on a screenshot) , 14,71 web calls producing 4302,21 oracle calls, this way the ratio is 1:292

- as we have a set of transaction that have similar problems, and we would like to monitor these ratios web2db calls from test to test


Hello Alexander,

As a first answer,

Can you try to create a business transaction? Use a filter one your specific web calls (ex. the WebRequest - URI pattern filter measure), define DBcount sum (# query's) and count (#web calls) as calculate results. Switch on the 'store to performance warehouse' flag. Now it is time to create your dashboard, use a business transaction hotspot dashboard, add the measures of your above BT. Based on this dashboard it is possible to get the statistics by the REST API.

Some Performance clinics to help you

measures, measures, measures

Advanced BT


Let us know if this work for you.

Extra, on top of the above business transaction

I never tried it before, however there exists a measure 'Rate'. It seems that it is possible to add this measure only to a chart, the rate measure let you select two measures (your #webcalls or #dbcount for example), this should give you the requested rate value vizualized into a graph. I think this info should be accessible by using the rest.



Thanks, I'll try to investigete