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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

what is the correct path for each agent version to install?


We have several versions of our agents installed and each one created a new path in the /opt directory. When we try to clean things up and just use /opt/dynatrace the agents won't work, it looks for the opt/Dynatrace-6.5 - that is the new directory. It is getting rather messy with all the versions. I think we must be missing something in the installations. thanks


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Ideally you'd only have a single version of the agent on each host. As you update the agent to the latest, simply delete the older agents, once you've completed the switchover of the monitored process(es).

I'm not sure what you mean by "didn't work". Did you try Symlinks of /opt/dynatrace and dynamically update that link? What technology are you monitoring?

I second Josephs answer with the Dynamic link of the current version folder to /opt/dynatrace, I'm doing that on all linux Systems.

That way you can just install the new agent version and update the link, you don't have to adapt all the config files every time.

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I also agree with Joe and Patrick about the symlinks.

however, I'm wondering: why re-installing the agents anyway and not just letting the bootstrapper do its magic?

I'm wondering that myself often. Even though it's almost never needed to update the bootstrap agent, many customers just wan't the version numbers to be the same.

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That is what we have tried, but when we get rid of the old path the agent doesn't launch/connect/report.

I will have to investigate the bootstrapper since all of ours are set up that way.

thanks for the quick replies!!

Make sure you use the correct path of the symlink in all config files. If you use the Defautls generated by the wizard you will still have the version specific folders in the config file.

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