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what is the difference between Response Time and Duration



While going through the pure path I am seeing the response time as 2.24ms and duration as 7309 ms and in that,it has 78% of suspension happened.So in this case do we need to consider response time or duration.We are having an issue with the performance.

Can someone help me with this.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Response time as I know is the time it takes for the server to respond to the client request while the duration is how long the purepath ends up executing a vast difference like this normally happens in Asynchronous enviornments from my experience.

Hi Kyle, It is quite fuzzy. It would be great If you could post some snapshots of comparing the Async environment with that of blocking.

Two other confusing terminologies are :

Execution time vs Elaspsed Time.

Regards, Rajesh.

Hi Rajesh,

I'll look for a few different screens if I can find them. For your other question Elapsed time is time since the User Action started vs Execution time is how long that individual step took to execute. Normally you will see the execution time of the previous step equal to the added elapsed time, if this isn't the case there maybe some networking or non tracked pure paths delaying the time that the next purepath is executing.


Yup, as @Kyle K. stated, duration includes time spent in asynchronous calls that might keep running even after the response has been returned to the user. I just also want to point out that if you are seeing lots of suspension time, this usually means there is some sort of issue with memory usage on a process, and it is causing lots of garbage collection time (suspension). So I would look at what processes/agent has that suspension time and double-check the memory settings for that process - maybe the heap allocated to it is too small, or perhaps there is a memory leak. @Andreas G. has a great step by step guide to memory analysis here that should help you look into this. Hope this helps!

- Jake

Can you post snapshots?

regards, Rajesh