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why does two wrong marks mean


Hi Team,

I have created a dashboard with incident rule capturing URLs exceeding 10 seconds SLA if count >50. See the attached image and kindly let me know y it is showing two wrong marks and what does it mean. If it shows half tick and half wrong what does it mean.capture.pngcapture1.png



Hi Praveena,

The top indicator is the "current state", meaning the incident is currently triggered (if a red x). The bottom indicates a history of the incident, meaning in the time period of your dashboard, as the incident been triggered.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Jason. The time period of my dahsboard is 30min. If you are saying like down one indicates the history of previous interval. It had never come like above 'X' and below as 'tick' mark even if the previous 30min was fine and current state was errors. It is showing like complete red in that case.

What it shows is whether there is an active incident on the top and if there was ever an incident in the given timeframe at the bottom not just the previous state. So if there is currently an incident, then there is an incident in the timeframe hence the red x on the top and bottom. You'll never see an X in the top and the green tick in the bottom.