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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

windows performance counters permissions


The support document is confusing to me. It seems to be detailing how a collector can make a remote call to a windows server in order to get performance metrics captured by windows performance monitors.

I am clicking on our profile name in the MONITORING tab, clicking Topology, clicking a .NET process, and seeing the screen showing all the generation 1, gen2, large object heap, etc.

Only CPU usage and "GC Caused Suspension Time" has any metrics. Passing transactions also has metrics . thread count, gen0-2, and large object heap say "No permission to read performance counters".

How can I resolve this? What user does the agent run as (isnt it just Local Service?) and what additional permissions are needed to view these performance counters?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


There are two types of Windows Performance Counter Monitoring

#1: Is done by the Dynatrace .NET Agent that is injected into your app. That agent CAN ONLY capture metrics from that process but is also limited to do so depending on the Windows User Account that runs that process. If you dont see Gen0, Gen1, Gen2 ... of a monitored process it is because the User Account used to run that process doesnt allow our .NET Agent to query performance counters from that process

#2: We also allow you to monitor ANY type of Windows Performance Counters through our Windows Monitor Plugin. This plugin gets executed on a Collector. The documentation you found describes that this Collector needs to run on a Windows Box and the user account you use for that Collector Service Process needs to have priviliges to access Windows Performance Metrics on those machines you want to monitor. This is the reason it talks about Remote Perf Access

Does this make sense? In your case it seems you need to figure out which user account runs your .net process and then give this user privilges to access windows performance metrics


DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor

Maybe this thread also helps you:

perfect 🙂 - thanks for posting this!!


regarding #2 - is there a chance to get windows perfmon data also from linux based collector and app mon server ?

Nope. Windows Perf Counters can only be retrieved from Collectors on windows due to dependencies to windows libraries!


so basically, assuming the .net agent is running under "local system", i'd need to give the "local system" account permissions to gather those perf metrics, or use a different use that already had those permissions. and if I want to use monitoring (like from a collector) i need to make sure i'm using a windows based collector to do so, again with the appropriate account/permissions.