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x-dynatrace header tag not captured by .NET agent


billingservice-20161108.dtsI have
attached a session containing the data for 2 Web requests
BillingAccount.svc and Payment.svc. Both were hit from Soap UI and the
Datapower endpoint was

The DataPower multi-protocol gateway calls the
BillingAccount.svc and Payment.svc. We see the x-dynatrace tags in the request
header when captured by the IIS sub-agents.

The .NET
agent is not able to display the above x-dynaTrace headers though. Somewhere the tag
(MathiTestFromDPPaymentSvc) is lost. It is displaying the Purepath tag
FW1;173339… tag instead.

Do you have
any idea why the tag is not passed along from the web agent to .NET agent? If it is intercepted by Web server
agent and also in Soap UI we see it in response header, why is the .NET
agent not able to capture it?

The ASP.NET sensor pack is configured to capture this just like the web server sensor pack.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


The X-Dynatrace TAG that you pass in from your testing tool ONLY needs to be present at the root node of your PurePath -> which is actually where you can find it. This information then tells us that this PurePath has to be tagged as "A Test" with the Test Name coming from the TN Parameter.

The reason why we are not forwarding YOUR X-Dynatrace to other tiers is because we

a) we dont need it -> we alreaady know that the whole PurePath is marked as coming from this test

b) we reuse the X-Dynatrace HTTP Header for our own internal Tag&Trace. The X-Dynatrace header you see on your other tiers actually represent the PurePath ID that we pass from Tier to Tier

So - I hope this makes sense. What you are seeing is "as designed".

Now - If you want to create a BT that splits by any of your values that YOU pass on X-Dynatrace you need to use the Measure "Web Requests - Tagged Header Value". That Measure allows you to extract each single name/value pair that you pass in and use it e.g: as a Split Measure