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Curious if any Dynatrace custom managed or SaaS is using EasyVista (ITSM)?

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

We are looking to possibly do some automation between our Dynatrace SaaS environment and EasyVista and I was wondering if any others are or have done this? If so, I would be curious to hear about it. I would be very curious if anyone has automated their incident process between the two.

I know that ServiceNow is really the way to go, but unfortunately it's not something we are using today.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Actually you can define custom webhook integration. You have some variables that can be used in payload, there also are options to add custom headers (if needed), so you should be good to go 🙂

Another thing is preparing Alerting Profile which will be sending info about entities matching criteria related to defined problems.

Regards, Sebastian

Yep, I was playing around with it for a bit. We use an Impact and Urgency value per ITIL and I am trying to figure out the best way I could apply that with Dynatrace in auto generating incidents in EasyVista. This one is tricky... Passing things like a team name or a category is not so hard, but with all the different variables that can lead to a problem being raised in Dynatrace, it's near impossible to try to account for an Impact and Urgency. At least that has been my findings so far 🙂 That's why I was curious if anyone else was doing anything with EasyVista. I know ServiceNow has an Event Manager and unless I am mistaken, that determination is made on the ServiceNow end.

I think there are no proper variables for impact and urgency, generaly there are some problems categories (as is visible on problems list). You can create proper alerting profile that will send only serious problems to EasyVista. You can alsa create multiple configurations and integrations that can have some static payload and different alerting profiles. Maybe this is the way to handle your task.

Regards, Sebastian

Agreed. One of my co-works was also at an xMatters conference not too long ago where they showed a very good integration from Dynatrace to xMatters to ServiceNow. I may try to go that route, however I still think the challenge will still be there. My hope is that we move away from EasyVista sooner than latter 🙂

Did you get anything done in the Easyvista integration? Do you know of any other integration besides ServiceNow?

Antonio Sousa

Hi @Antonio S.!

I never did, no. But that was also due to us also at long last moving to ServiceNow which has and out of the box integration between the two vendors. Thanks!

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