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Recommend value for SameSite

I have found where to change the SameSite attribute for Dynatrace cookies (, but the documentation doesn't say what value to ...

Resolved! Uninstall Dynatrace Managed Completely

Our client has an old Dynatrace managed installation on it's cluster. They want to get a new trial and try the product again, so we will reinstall everything and start from scratch.I can see from the documentation that it is pretty straightforward to...

Resolved! Number of recommended environments

Hi all,we are installing a Managed and not sure about how many environments we should define.Do you recommend one for Productions servers and one for Pre-production, and then work with MZ, Tags and Host Groups? or it is better to segment Production e...

Resolved! Dynatrace Managed Root Volume recommendation?

I'm following this documentation from Dynatrace regarding storage requirements:

jfrazee by Participant
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Resolved! ActiveGate - Recommended limits

Hi there, Just looking to a possible Managed Cluster deployment and I'm having trouble tracking down some details on ActiveGates. The main question is what is the recommended maximum Hosts that an ActiveGate should service? And how would increasing t...

kylec by Contributor
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Resolved! Recommended AWS EC2 Instance Types and Storage Types

When deploying Dynatrace Managed to AWS, what are the recommended EC2 instance types (general purpose, compute optimized, memory optimized... is the recommend storage volume type? EBS, HDD, or SSD?This...